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Our mission is to bring communities together and help those in need through generosity and compassion.

It’s always free to start a FuneralFundMe campaign, and we encourage individuals with their own causes as well as those working with a trusted funeral provider to do so. Fundraising for funeral expenses is in our name, but we’re much more than that. Our community supports various causes as long as the common denominator is “loss-of-life”.

We do our best to uphold the level of dignity and respect your cause deserves. Your satisfaction and providing a high quality crowdfunding experience with the lowest fees, highest campaign success rates and most money toward your cause is our priority. We are your choice for dignified fundraising.

  • All FuneralFundMe campaigns must align with our community standards and fall within the realm of loss of life. This preserves the dignity of each cause and allows us to focus on providing the best possible service for our users.

  • Our 1-800 number takes you directly to a live customer service representative- which none of the most popular crowdfunding websites offer. We won’t make you read through pages of FAQ and submit “tickets” to automated systems just to get a simple answer. Real people, real answers, right away.

  • We have the shortest hold times of any platform- which means you get your money faster with less hassle.