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We do our best to ensure a safe and transparent crowdfunding experience for our campaign creators, donors and visitors alike. Whether you’re a funeral provider, individual, or a visitor making a contribution to one of the causes on FuneralFundMe- your safety and satisfaction is important to us.

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Funeral Homes

Ensuring donations go where they're supposed to


Funeral Homes who are exclusive members of the FuneralFundMe community are the beneficiary to every campaign they create. This ensures that funds raised specifically for funeral services and memorial products are used for exactly that purpose.

If a campaign is over funded, the beneficiary is responsible for returning any additional funds to the family/individual the funds were raised for. This ensures the immediate expenses are taken care of in a professional manner and any additional funds are distributed to the appropriate party thereafter.

Security & Trust

Protecting your campaign and reputation


We do everything we can to protect your personal information and maintain your trust as visitors, beneficiaries, donors and partners.

Campaigns submitted by both funeral homes and individuals are approved or denied based on their alignment with our community standards- this helps us uphold the level of dignity and respect each cause deserves.  You’ll never find disrespectful or fraudulent campaigns on our platform, we focus solely on end-of-life fundraising so we can eliminate causes that compromise the integrity of both our community and the campaigns being funded.

Misuse or Abuse of Services

We take the safety of our users very seriously


With fundraising scams and misuse skyrocketing on other crowdfunding platforms, we’re doing our very best to ensure that doesn’t happen here.

Our community standards are our first line of defense against this, but we have several other layers of vetting which are used on an as-needed basis. If you discover a fraudulent campaign, or have reason to believe that our platform is being used in a fraudulent manner- you are encouraged to report this to one of our representatives who can take the appropriate action. Call 1-800-863-9091 or email