Why FuneralFundMe?

“FuneralFundMe helped my family through a very tough time. Without their campaign services we wouldn’t have been able to pay for our mother’s funeral. Everyone was so kind and truly cared about making our campaign a success.”

Annie Boyer, MN

“Very happy with my FuneralFundMe experience. I really liked how specialized this community is- cuts out all the non-sense seen on other crowdfunding websites and really caters to a niche market”.

Martin J McIsaac, FL
  • Setting up a campaign is easy and free

  • Compatible with all your favorite devices

  • Easily share your campaign on all your favorite social media platforms

  • Get your funds faster than with other crowdfunding platforms

  • No penalties for missing or surpassing a funding goal

  • Support & guidance from live customer service representatives- No automated systems

  • Highest standards in security & protection of your personal information

  • Access our network of trusted professionals for all of your end-of-life needs

  • We partner with a reputable counseling service and their non-profit to connect those in need with mental health professionals during their time of loss as requested. 

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